Can offer following

  1. One container of industrial seafrozen cod roe new production ca 20 tonnage
  2. One container of selected cod roe iqf mostly 600-1000 gr. New producion.
  3. One container of seafrozen whole round redfish (Sebastes Marinus) from end of last year.
  4. Container of H/G Redfish (S.Marinus) mostly 300-500 gr and 500-700 gr. Seafrozen new production.
  5. Few conatainer of september production of Mackerel ( Scombrus ) 400-600 gr. packed 1×20 kg
  6. 8 tonnage of Cod Milt /Soft Roe from last year blockfrozen 9 kg blocks. Good price.

Please come back on y interest to