Seafood Expo Brussels 25-27 april 2017

G. Ingason Seafood, News from Stand 839-6

Offers in Brussel 

  • For Sale This Week

For Sale This Week

  • September 12th, 2018

Cod Heads Seafrozen blocks  (Gadus Morhua)

Cod Milt from last season packed 3×9 kg

Cod Roe […]

  • Whole redfish (S.marinus)

Whole redfish (S.marinus)

  • December 27th, 2017

Can offer container of whole redfish from  sept 2017  8 tonnage and 10 tonnage […]

Slideshow Product list

Product list G. Ingason Seafood in: English, Latin, Russian and Chinese.


PDF brouchures, Product list and special information about canned cod liver.


Meet Our Team in Brussels

Guðmundur Ingason
Guðmundur IngasonOwner, Manager & Finance
The owner and manager of the company is Mr. Gudmundur Ingason. He is a qualified biologist with extensive experience in the field of fisheries, quality control and fish exporting.



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Vera Kalashnikova
Vera KalashnikovaSales / Documentation
Vera is in Sales and manager of Export Documents . Her degrees are: BS Economy and management, BA Icelandic, BS Accounting. Vera is fluent in Ukrainian, Russian, English, and Icelandic.



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Sherif Elmoslemany
Sherif Elmoslemany Sales / Africa & Middle East
Sherif Elmoslemany is in Sales and marketing for Africa and the Middle East, languages english and arabic, bráðum íslenska. He has a  degree from The University of Alexandria.



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Hlín Ástþórsdóttir
Hlín ÁstþórsdóttirAccounting
Manages Business accounting at G. Ingason Seafood. Hlín is a Certified Bookkeeper and a BA of Education (B.Ed). Hlín is fluent in Icelandic, English and Danish.



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