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Northern Lights in Iceland

Northern lights are a manificent experience on a dark winter night in Iceland. The G. Ingason Team from the office went on a Northern lights tour with Thuletravel, We were lucky with the weather conditions  so we got the full package. Amazing night with strong Northern lights and a starry sky. The Milky way was clearly visible and Andy Green an astronomer form Cambrigde pointed out  the constellations of the galaxy  in the black Icelandic night while the northern lights danced for us in the north at Kleifarvatn in Reykjanes.

National day in Hafnarförður Iceland

National day in Hafnarfjörður. Wendy and a Viking.
As usual National Day. Viking Days rain. Wind and sunshine?

New site from Expo in Brussels

G. Ingason Seafood Has arrived in Brussels and is preparing for the exhibition.
We have made a new site with information, photos and product lists both as a slight show and as PDF files ready to download.
G. Ingason Team is looking forward to meet you at our stand 839 in hall 6. We have seafood from Iceland for everyone to taste. Natural and pure product.

G. Ingason Productlist Brouhures available as PDF

G. Ingason Seafood brouchures are now available as PDF files, ready to download and flip through in the computer or on your phone.


Easter offer on Cod Roe.
Industrial Cod Roe
Origin Iceland
Packing: 3 x 9  kg
Production: March 2017
Price: USD 1.5 kg FOB
Available 1 container

Information about Canned Cod Liver, Rich in OMEGA 3

On the links below you can find information about Canned Cod Liver from Iceland. The INFO is both in ENGLISH and RUSSIAN.
Take a look at the fine Canned Cod liver it is a delicious and helathy natural source of  OMEGA 3 and Vitamins A & D.
Link: G. Ingason Seafood Info in English Canned Cod Liver
Link: G. Ingason Seafood Info in Russian Canned Cod Liver

Seafood Expo Brussels 2017

Meet us at The Brussels Expo, 25.- 27. april 2017, G. Ingason Seafood.
G. Ingason Seafood welcomes you at our stand 839-6, Hall 6 at the Seafood Expo.
Our representatives in Brussels are: G. Ingason CEO and Sales, from Iceland, Vera Kalashnikova Sales and Documentation, from Ukraine, Sherif  Elmoslemany Sales and marketing, from Egypt, Hlín Ástþórsdóttir Accounting, from Iceland, Halldór Már Freysson Sales, from Iceland.



Journey to the magical Snæfellsnes

Journey to the magical Snæfellsnes on the westcoast of Iceland. We visited Arnarstapi, Hellnar, Snæfellsjökull, Ólafsvík and Stykkishólmur. The glazier Snæfellsjökull brings strength and mistique to the landscape in the middle of the beautiful lava fields. Birds have buildt their homes on the large lava cliffs by the beach. The lava formations are extraordinary and the small Café by the beach Fjöruhúsið is famous for their lobstersoup.

Can offer IQF Mackerel ( Scomber Scombrus)

Can offer IQF Mackerel ( Scomber Scombrus) 11 kg Box 400-600 Gr
Daily cathch Line-Fish
Double Glaze Compensated
Price idea 1.60 USD/KG
FOB ICELAND Fat 20-25%
Available end of July

Icelandic Seal

Icelandic Seal on the beach!
G. Ingason took a stroll near his home in Seltjarnarnes and spotted this Icelandic Seal sunbathing on the beach in Seltjörn.
Sofandi Sílspikaður Selur á steini í Seltjörn á Seltjarnarnesi, SSSS og málfræðilegt ímyndamynstur íláta mynstrið á -í . Imange scema.
Nú vita allir af hverju þetta Nes heitir Seltjarnarnes.

New Offer Grinded Fish

We can now offer Grinded Cod, Saithe, Redfish, Tusk and Flatfish.
Grinded Fish for all Petfood. Video of production.

Can offer good quality industrial Cod roe ( Gadus morhua)

Have on stock from this  year  jan, feb and mars  Cod roe from the season.  Packed in 9 kg blocks on pallets,
possible to box if needed.  Good quality roe.  Jan and Feb  not so much broken.  Please come back on y

  • Hátíð hafsins
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    Fantastic fish from the Atlantic Ocean of Iceland / Hátíð hafsins á Sjómannadaginn

  • Hátíð hafsins

Fantastic fish from the Atlantic Ocean of Iceland / Hátíð hafsins á Sjómannadaginn

Fantastic fish from the Atlantic Ocean of Iceland / Hátíð hafsins á Sjómannadaginn 5. 06. 2016
A few fancy specimens of fish from the depts of the Icelandic Ocean.

Saithe Fillet Seafrozen Offer

Saithe Fillet Seafrozen
Small skinless pbi interleaved
Size 3-5 oz 100 cs, 3 x 9 kg
Size 5-8 oz 800 cs, 3 x 9 kg
Price idea mainport Europe / Asia
4,60 € / kg DDP