The Chinese Amabassador in Iceland visits G. Ingason Seafood 18. 05. 2016 in a series of vistis to Icelandic seafood companies.

The Chinese Amabassador in Iceland Zhang Weidong visits  G. Ingason Seafood, accompanied by Mingming Liu First Secratary of  the Economic & Commercial Councellor´s Office ot the Embassy of the People´s Republic of China in Iceland. They had a taste of Icelandic seafood, Blue Mussel, Dried fish and Sea Cucumber while they and G. Ingason had a talk about chinese economy and what aspirations Iceland could have in China because of new Free Trade Agreement between China and Iceland. Members from SA Guðbegur Rúnarsson and Ingvi Þór Georgsson came along to introduce the Chinese Ambassador Zhang Weidong and Mingming Liu from the Economic & Commercial Councellor´s Office to the Icelandic Seafood companies. This was the first company visit from the new Ambassador Zhang Weidong in a series of visits to Icelandic  companies.