Redfish H/G (Sebastes Marinus) 3×7 kg Seafrozen  200-300 gr, 300-500gr, 500-700gr, 700-1000 gr and 1000 gr+

Cod roe selected 900 gr, -200 gr, 200-400 gr, industrial 3×7 kg.

Haddock Roe industrial  3×10 kg and  Saithe Roe industrial 3×10 kg

Saithe Off-Cut  9 kg  blocks

Haddock fill skin-on 100-340 gr  400 kg palletsboxes with 10 kg bags

Migas bellyflaps salted

Saithe salted splitted 1-3 kg

Fresh whole gutted Salmon and frozen salmon whole h-on gutted.

Herring whole round: 200-400 gr, 300 gr+ and 400 gr+

Mackerel whole round 400-600 gr and H/G  250 gr+

Non humar mixed skin and  Human cod skin frozen blocks

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