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Salted Cod and Ling splitted wetsalted

Can offer offer wetsalted Cod splitted not injected   2,7 kg -4 kg and  4 kg +  see photos also available  10 palltest of splitted Ling (Molva Molva)

1.2-2 kg  , 2-3 kg  and  3 kg  +  fully salted in 2,5 monts.  Pallets plasted and  1 tonnage on the pallets.

Northern Lights in Iceland

Northern lights are a manificent experience on a dark winter night in Iceland. The G. Ingason Team from the office went on a Northern lights tour with Thuletravel, We were lucky with the weather conditions  so we got the full package. Amazing night with strong Northern lights and a starry sky. The Milky way was clearly visible and Andy Green an astronomer form Cambrigde pointed out  the constellations of the galaxy  in the black Icelandic night while the northern lights danced for us in the north at Kleifarvatn in Reykjanes.