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辞职 Ms Natalia V. Yukhnovskaya

Natalia Yukhnovskaya 女士宣布 辞职 俄罗斯销售部  G. Ingason Seafood 海鲜公司,生效2014年10月1日。
Ms Natalia Yukhnovskaya has announced her resignation from the Russian Sales Department of G Ingason Seafood, which is effective from October 1st, 2014.
Any inquires on our products or other services, please kindly contact us.
Fr. Natalia Yukhnovskaya hefur sagt upp störfum fra G. Ingason Seafood, Rússnesku deildinni frá og med 1. oktober 2014, ef einherjar fyrirspurnir vinsamlega hafið samband við okkur.
Наталия Юхновская объявила о своем увольнении из Отдела Продаж в компании G.Ingason Seafood с 01.10.2014. По вопросам продаж, а также прочих услуг, пожалуйста, обращайтес ь к нам.

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Sea Cucumber is a marine animal with leathery skin and elongated body. The Icelandic one called Brimbútur is black and shiny. He is rather short and fat. The Sea cucumber has been harvested for centuries in Southeast Asia. It is considered a delicatessen there with some healing powers Often called ”Sea Ginseng” and has an reputation as an aphrodisiac!

1) More micronutrients have been measured in sea cucumber which has been processed for sugars, and they found high levels of Cadmium (CD).  This has not been measured in lyophilized Sea Cucumber.
糖干海参被检测出更多的营养素,包括高浓度的镉(CD), 但是镉没有在冻干海参中被发现。
2) This outcome were only measured in one sample.  The amount of the ingredients could vary compared to the type of processing, fishing grounds and season of the fishing.

August 2014, WSG

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